IABC – the International Association of Business Communicators – is the global organisation for people working in business communications. It offers members a global forum to develop professional skills, share knowledge of and develop best practice in communications and to discuss important issues affecting the profession. IABC’s membership in the UK covers the full spectrum of business communications: internal, marketing, media and public relations, public affairs and strategic communications. Most of our members occupy senior positions, many in global companies and organisations. The UK Chapter – covering the UK and Ireland – is part of the association’s European region.

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4 Ways to Use Data to Tell Stories

Increasingly, we are seeing how compelling use of data, combined with strong storytelling, can create memorable narratives in journalism, in entertainment, and in marketing and communications. Here are four key ways that communication professionals can combine data and storytelling to create a particularly compelling way of understanding the worl...

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Big data power: Use with caution

Big data is not new. After all, companies have been gathering data on audience behavior for many years–and communication professionals have been using that data to inform their strategies. What are new, though, are the flexible, low-cost ways that we now have to instantly gather, interpret and share that data, writes Natasha Nicholson in "Commu...

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Meet the 2014-15 IABC international executive board

Ratified at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, your new international executive board (IEB) has hit the ground running in their new roles with IABC. Learn more about the international governing body of IABC on our website and follow #IABCieb and #IABC1417 on Twitter for updates on what they’re working on as well as the strategy for the organizati...

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Engaging Communication Globally: event report

By Kristin Isabelle Heume In an ever more international business environment, communicating and collaborating across countries, cultures and languages has become second nature. Yet, we don’t often talk about the challenges that come with it, and fail to adapt our routines. “Engaging Communication Globally”, jointly organised by the IABC...

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