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Our mobile networkers share their story

A 400 km charity bike ride across Cuba brought all sorts of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) cyclists out of the woodwork and was the inspiration behind our very own “mobile networking “ event for communication professionals here in the UK. With great enthusiasm, glee and fuelled by a couple of glasses of Chablis,...

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Meet the IABC UK Chapter Board 2014 – 2015

Meet the people who dedicate their time and expertise to ensure that our members continue to get good value from their fees by offering more outstanding professional development events as well as added value through programmes such as mentoring, networking opportunities, global resources and of course our international community. We've asked ...

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4 Ways to Use Data to Tell Stories

Increasingly, we are seeing how compelling use of data, combined with strong storytelling, can create memorable narratives in journalism, in entertainment, and in marketing and communications. Here are four key ways that communication professionals can combine data and storytelling to create a particularly compelling way of understanding the w...

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Engaging Communication Globally: event report

By Kristin Isabelle Heume In an ever more international business environment, communicating and collaborating across countries, cultures and languages has become second nature. Yet, we don’t often talk about the challenges that come with it, and fail to adapt our routines. “Engaging Communication Globally”, jointly organised by the IABC...

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